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Rozejście mięśni prostych brzucha
Nagranie ukazuje jak zachowuje się „brzuch z rozejściem” podczas aktywności wymagających napięcia mięśni prostych brzucha…. dlatego nie należy robić ćwiczeń na mięśnie proste brzucha… ale również nie należy wzmacniać mięśni skośnych, które mają swoje przyczepy na kresie białej.

Intra Abdominal Pressure and Abdominal Separation•This is the best video I have ever seen demonstrating the effect of Intra Abdominal Pressure on Abdominal Separation.•You can clearly see the abdominal separation from the start of the pull up•Watch as the abdominals fatigue the abdominal separation widens•This is why I will never program any type of Pull Up, Chin Up or Assisted Chin up for a pregnant client.I am even careful with Lat Pull Downs and exercises in a prone position like Push Ups and Planks.•I have had women tell me creating the “Toblerone Abs” was one of their party tricks during pregnancyOr they thought it was their babies spine •In hindsight had these women known what they were actually seeing was abdominal separation they would have made drastic changes to their exercise routine and daily life to minimise the effects.•All these women have said they wish someone had told themwhat they were actually seeing was in fact Abdominal Separationor Intra Abdominal Pressure pushing the deep abdominal muscles and potentially abdominal organs out through the abdominal separation.•My advice to anyone who is currently pregnant.If you are seeing any thing like this happen when you are exercising •please stop immediately•If you can not control the intra abdominal pressure during the exercise by correct breathing techniques please regress the exercise until you can perform it without this happening or change the exercise entirely.•

Posted by Tammy Potter Personal Training on Monday, November 20, 2017


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